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MBS AG, Sulzbach Messwandler

Company founded in 1977 by Prof. Dr. hc Wolfgang Gilgen - the leading European manufacturer of current transformers for low and medium voltage, known producer for well known companies such as ABB, Scheneider Electric, Eaton, Socomec.


Low voltage current transformers for industry

Production at MBS AG currently includes over 10,000 low-voltage current converters in the 0.5 series with a maximum operating voltage of 0.72 kV or 1.2 kV in the case of the CTB type series.

All products are manufactured in compliance with the defined technical requirements from DIN EN 61869-1/2, VDE 0414-9-1/2 and DIN 42600. The current version of the standards quoted is used.

The main areas of use for our products are mechanical and plant engineering, ship-building, and wind energy.

Thanks to our extensive portfolio of products, as well as personalised advice from our team of specialist engineers and sales consultants, you will find the ideal low-voltage current transformer for whatever application you are planning.

  • ASR – tube current transformers
  • ASG – tube current transformers, resin hardened
  • ASK – plug-in current transformers
  • WSK – wound current tranformers
  • KBR – tube split-core current transformers
  • KBU – split-core current transformers
  • KSU / SUSK – summation current transformers
  • ASRD – three-phase current transformers set

Measuring transducres class 0.2, 0.5 or 1

The production of high-quality heavy current measuring transducers has a tradition going back many years at MBS, and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. Thanks to their self-contained housing, the choice of materials and their design principles, the measuring transducers are protected against the effects of climate (temperature and moisture), atmosphere (chemical processes, dust and salt content), vibrations and shocks, interference (electrical and magnetic), HF effects (radio communications devices) and permanent or transient interference voltages at all electrical connections.



The flexible and ultra-thin design of the coils means that they can be easily wound around the current-carrying conductors and plugged together.

Simple, fast, and interruption-free installation around busbars or cable bundles is also possible.

The Rogowski coil in combination with the QE-485 universal converter offers you freely configurable analogue and digital outputs, as well as an RS-485 Modbus RTU interface.

The 3 phase integrator ROI-3 is ideally suited for the output with 3 x 1A.
The integrator circuit is necessary to correct the phase position of the passive Rogowski coil by 90°.

The Rogowski coils are available in cable lenghts of 3m, 5m and 10m.
Other variants possible on request.

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