SIV Electro – Echipamente electrice și de automatizare

The UEFISCDI project

The I-GReta project concretely addresses the objective of the ERA-Net MICALL19 program regarding integrated energy storage solutions, at the same time responding to EU challenges related to the technical transformations of the energy system and in particular to Action 4 associated with the European Strategic Plan for Energy Technologies (ETIP- SNET Plan). Moreover, the objectives of the project are related to the innovation development strategy [...]

We've been on IEAS 2017

Dear Partners, During September 19-22, our company participated in IEAS 2017. This event was organized in the Palace of the Parliament, and our stand is located in Sala Unirii at number A27. The SIV Electro team

IEAS 2014 – the first exhibition I participated in!

Dear Friends, Thank you for being with us and visiting us between September 9-12, 2014 at our stand at the IEAS - Bucharest Palace of the Parliament. It was our first exhibition and with all the emotions of a new beginning, we are extremely happy with the interest shown in our products. With special consideration, SIV Electro Team

We've been on IEAS 2015

Dear Partners, Between September 8 and 11, 2015, our company participated in the IEAS (International Electric & Automation Show) fair at the Palace of the Parliament. We thank everyone who visited us and invite you to contact us for more details related to the products in our portfolio. With special consideration, SIV Electro Team!

We've been on TIB 2015

Dear Partners, Together with ALFRA GmbH, specialized in industrial drilling equipment for the electrotechnical industry and beyond, we had the honor to participate in the Bucharest International Technical Fair and present some of our products. Thank you for visiting us and please contact us for more details related to the products in our portfolio. With […]

We've been on IEAS 2016

Dear friends, Between September 20-23, 2016, we participated in the IEAS exhibition where we were present with some news from the German company - MBS AG, producer of current transformers for the electrotechnical industry. We thank all those who crossed our threshold and invite them to contact us for more details related to the products in our portfolio. […]

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