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Italian company FRER was founded in 1980 with the aim to manufacture switchboards electric measuring instruments for low voltage, medium voltage, automation, fotovoltaic, gen-sets, fiscal meters, shipmounting, with a high reliability, and to supply them to its customers through a high level customer assistance service before and after the selling.

Interface transducers and software

The FRER ETHERNET gateway allows to connect to an Ethernet network (using a single IP address) up to 32 FRER devices fitted with RS485 interface and provides the user two di"erent kind of operation:

  1. Conversion from Modbus / TCP to Modbus RTU (for up to 3 concurrent clients).
  2. Web-server.

In addition, through appropriate settings of the network router, the FRER gateway can be accessible via Internet, allowing the user to view and record the measurements made by instruments with a simple browser from anywhere in the world.


Multifunction meters network analysers for ac / dc

Multifunction network analysers suitable for three-phase, three or four wires unbalanced load systems.
The QUBO 96H version performs also“advanced” measurements, which allow a very efficent monitoring and provide additional information about the system operating conditions, also by means of different communication protocols.


Earth leakage relays

The X...DB3 series earth leakage relays Type B are designed to measure the DC, AC and high frequency leakage current. Thanks to their distinctive feature (the displaying of the leakage current) it is possible to continuously monitor the insulation state and to program the preventive maintenance in order to avoid unexpected power breaks.

Main functions:

  • Continuous digital indication of the leakage current: total RMS, AC fundamental, AC high frequency;
  • Double threshold: total RMS and DC component;
  •  AC measurements up to 10kHz;
  • Storing of the intervention current values;
  • Automatic retry;
  • Internal clock and storage of the last 10 events;
  • Logic Selectivity;
  • RS485 Modbus RTU, measurements, event archive, scope;
  • Selectable 3rd harmonic filter;
  • Selectable antifibrillation filter with fire protection 300mA.

Analogue meters

Available for sizes: 48x48, 72x72, 96x96, 144x144 with 240° scale only.

Standard version: dial and sector white, graduations, numbering. symbols and pointer black.

On request: dial and gradualtions black, sector, numbering, symbols and pointer yellow or white.

FRER is able to create customized dials according to the customers specifications, for normal use, on-board installations, trains and all kinds of vehicle, even backlighted. Furthermore, there are no quantity constraints and they are supplied in a very short time.


Digital meters

The products in this catolgue section can be manufactured in various di!erent special executions.

Below it is indicated part of possible options:

  • the option description;
  • screw terminals;
  • reading update delay;
  • programmable decimal point;
  • Tropicalization;
  • ship mounting;
  • IP54/IP 55 protection degree (front side);
  • Version for H2S, NH3 applications.

Measuring transducres class 0.2, 0.5 or 1

MCOUP 4 - Multi-output transducer on-site fully programmable by using a standard USB interface and a remote simple configuration software.

Suitable for single phase or three-phase 3-4 wire balanced or unbalanced system. It is suitable also under distorted waveforms conditions.

Suitable for single phase or three-phase 3-4 wire balanced or unbalanced system. It is suitable also under distorted waveforms conditions.

The programmability includes:

  • Type of wiring connection;
  • Nominal value of the inputs with automatic switching of the gains;
  • CT and VT ratios;

For each output independently:

  • Output type (V or mA)
  • Output nominal value;
  • Measurement to be associated with the output, selected from those available
  • Output start and full scale values

Free software programming functionality:

  • Diagram display of the selected insertion
  • Display of all measured quantities
  • Print summary label of set data;
  • Copy/paste setting parameters for programming several converters.
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