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AMS - Automatische Mess-und-Steuerungstechnik GmbH

Is an approved company of great tradition, part of MBS AG group. We develop, manufacture and distribute high quality analogue and digital measuring instruments, electronic components for industries and gas detectors for private homes and camping.


Shunts are used for extending measurement of currents beyond the available limits of self-contained DC Ammeters. By using Manganin as resistor material the voltage drop is kept at a constant rate.
The shunts are fully compliant with DIN 43 703 and DIN EN 60 051.

Nominal current ranging from 1 A to 250 A (type A), or 200 A to 3000 A (type B) or 4000 A to 30000 A (type C) with a voltage drop of 60 mV or 150 mV are available.

As an option the shunts are available with a voltage drop of 100 mV or 300 mV.

Generally the type A shunts up to 25 A / 60 mV or 150 mV are pre-mounted on insulated plastic bases.

The accuracy is 0.5 % of the nominal value. On special request the accuracy can be increased to 0.2 % of the nominal value.

Analog Power Meters (G-MW)

Digital Power Meters (G-MW)

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